The community feast originally scheduled for Wednesday, April 18 at Old Sun Community College has been postponed until April 26 at 5 pm. The feast will launch the family immersion through cultural initiatives. Please mark your calendar for April 26. The purpose of the feast is to recruit fluent speakers who can assist with the project and to find families willing to participate. More details to follow.

Welcome To Old Sun Community College

Old Sun Community College is the gateway for adult students who are looking to unlock their potential, explore options, open doors and achieve success. Life-long learning has always been a traditional belief of the Siksika people. The College offers a unique blend of traditional learning and academic classes. Old Sun Community College welcomes students from a variety of backgrounds, ages and experiences.
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Empowering A Nation Through Education

Within the halls of Old Sun Community College the past rubs shoulders with the future as students learn about the culture, history and language of Siksika people through Siksika Knowledge courses taught by the Elders plus Blackfoot and Aboriginal classes.
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Adult Literacy

The Adult Literacy program at OSCC equips students with basic reading, writing, math and computer skills that enrich lives on a daily basis.

Adult Upgrading

A high school education opens the door to limitless opportunities. Whether you are looking to further your education, seek self-employment or become a leader in the community, this is the starting point.

Post-Secondary Education

Old Sun Community College helps you take the next step in post-secondary education in two ways. The College offers local certificate and diploma programs and assists you with the funding process, either at local or nonlocal institutions.

Siksika Knowledge

Immerse yourself in the Siksika Knowledge courses and be swept away by the language, history, culture, art, traditions and ways of knowing of the Siksika people in the traditional Blackfoot territory and the changes of the last century and a half.

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Deciding on a Program

Are you eager to take the next step in your career? Need advise on what professions are trending? Come talk to us and we will point you in the right direction. Contact us.

Financial Help

Don’t let your finances get in the way to achieving an education. Talk to one of our advisers today.

Siksika Language App

Get a head start in your education by downloading our Siksika Language app and learning more about our traditions and language.

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