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President & CEO
Our client, Old Sun Community College, is looking for a President & CEO to lead their
team located in Siksika Nation, in Southern Alberta just southeast of Calgary. This is
an opportunity to work within the educational system to support student learning
and well-being which are enhanced through partnerships and engagement with
students, staff and the community.
Essential Job Functions:
● CEO/President
● People and Operations management
● Financial Administration
● Strategy/Leadership
● Non-profit Management
Old Sun Community College (OSCC) was established in 1971, and has been providing
quality courses, programs and services tailored to meet the needs of the Siksika
Nation and individuals while preserving the Siksika Way of Life. Old Sun Community
College is named after a Blackfoot warrior, peacemaker, medicine man, spiritual
leader and Treaty 7 signatory Old Sun.
The mandate of Old Sun Community College is to provide broad programming
including certificates, diplomas, foundational learning, and upgrading programs.
Programming currently has a focus on post-secondary education, information
technology, Siksika Knowledge studies and foundational learning programs including
adult literacy, and academic upgrading. With the college continually growing, we
hope to expand program offerings beyond what is currently offered.
Old Sun Community College is governed by a Board of Governors and Shareholders.
Old Sun Community College currently serves the Siksika Nation and its membership
both on and off the Nation.
OSCC is seeking a strategic, innovative, collaborative and dynamic President & CEO to
provide the college with leadership and direction on a variety of internal and external
affairs. The President will be responsible for elevating and supporting the mission,
strategies and developments of the College as a whole. In fulfilling this role, the
President will act in a manner that aligns with the cultural protocols of the Siksika
Nation and act in accordance with the OSCC policies and procedures.
Reporting to the OSCC Board of Governors, the President & CEO is accountable for the
operations of the College and provides the vision and leadership to staff to ensure that
the College is successful and in alignment with the College’s Mission, Vision, Values
and policies.,
Duties & Responsibilities
● Oversees and works closely with the Vice-President on all business operations
and financial activities of the College such as accounting, revenue/expense
tracking, budget analysis/ reporting, forecasting and general operations.
● Explores opportunities for partnerships, investors, alliances and other forms
of sustainable funding streams or business development initiatives.
● Develops and supports holistic and inclusive initiatives that address the
unique and complex needs of our students and create outcomes that
preserve the student experience.
● Responds to and includes feedback on student concerns or issues as
● Improves quality programming through analysis and collaboration with
faculty and Senior Management.
● Evaluates current and future staffing competencies and implements
appropriate succession plans.
● Actively participates in planning, development and problem-solving with the
Board of Governors, Senior Leadership Team and faculty members.
● Defines the strategy and vision of the college and works towards the
college’s progress and delivery.
● Maintains a positive working relationship with the Board of
Governors/shareholders and provides the appropriate
updates/reports/communication when requested.
● Keeps Board of Governors apprised of decisions or actionable items required
by the Board.
● Reviews policy, and procedures for the College and ensure compliance and
alignment with both OSCC values and Sikisika Nation values.
● Responsible for the public relations of the College and demonstrates
conduct that represents the Siksika traditional values and beliefs, and acts as
a liaison.
● Observes and anticipates potential industry challenges or trends and is able
to guide the College, students and stakeholders through times of
● Additional duties may be required when assigned.
● A minimum of a completed Master’s degree in Education, Business or a related
● A combination of education coupled with proven leadership experience will be
prioritized for consideration where relevant.
● Experience with Educational leadership or Education Management
● Experience working in a Management capacity within a First Nations,
Not-for-Profit environment, or an Educational Institution (preference for
Indigenous Educational Institutions)
● Knowledge and understanding of First Nations barriers surrounding
programming and legislation.
● Knowledge of Education and Indigenous Funding models required such as
Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) and First Nations Adult & Higher Education
Consortium (FNAHEC)
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:
Educational Philosophy, Vision and Values of the Siksika Nation:
Creating a culture of lifelong learning, grounded in Siksika culture, language, history
and knowledge. Building an educational community that is focused on teaching,
learning, and healing from historical trauma, while moving in a positive direction for
the future.
Visionary & Strategic Leadership:
A recognized leader that can articulate the College’s vision and can generate “buy-in”
within the Organization and external stakeholders and guides others to achieve
exceptional results. A forward and critical thinker that is adaptable in a fast-paced
Leadership and Interpersonal Skills:
Motivating, developing, and directing people as they work, identifying the best people
for the job. Knowledge of principles and procedures for personnel recruitment,
selection, training, compensation and benefits, labor relations and negotiation, and
personnel information systems.
Written and Oral Communication Skills:
The ability to articulate thoughts and express ideas effectively using oral, written and
non-verbal communication skills (to inform, instruct, and persuade), to a variety of
audiences, as well as to listen for meaning and understanding.
Analytical and Decision-Making Skills:
The capacity to apply higher-level, process-oriented thinking, consider an issue from a
range of possible perspectives and use that reasoning to make decisions. Compile
and analyze data and evidence to make the best decisions for the college.
Entrepreneurial Mindset:
Identify and make the most of opportunities, overcome and learn from setbacks, and
succeed in a variety of settings. An applicant must be flexible & adaptable,
future-oriented, comfortable with risks, show initiative, be self-reliant, creative,
collaborative and able to recognize opportunities for the college.
Innovative Thinking:
Think outside the box to achieve goals, or come up with novel solutions to difficult
situations using the environment, objects, or circumstances in a new and innovative
way. Building the capacity of the team within the college, to bring the college into
alignment and competition with other similar institutions.
Truth and Reconciliation:
An awareness and/or experience with Truth and Reconciliation in an Indigenous
community, (preference within the Blackfoot community), around culture and
experiences related to issues and barriers for equal opportunities, social
enterprise/self-employment, intergenerational trauma and education.
How to Apply:
If you are interested in this opportunity, please send an email including a cover letter
and your resume to Wendy Simpson
Position Type: Permanent/Full-time
Hours: Monday to Friday; 37.5 hours per week
Travel: Minimal; less than 15%
Compensation: to be discussed – competitive salary, group health and matching
RRSP plan
Location: Siksika Nation, Alberta
Start date: March 1, 2023 (or a mutually agreed upon date)
Last date for application: February 3, 2023
Although we thank all applicants for their interest in this position, only qualified
candidates will be contacted for an interview. Please apply by sending your resume in
confidence to Your Name, Title, and Email.
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