President’s Message

Dr. Maurice Manyfingers, Ph.D.

Oki. I am very pleased to begin my journey with the Siksika Nation as the Old Sun Community College President, effective February 2020. First, I must pay tribute to the late Amelia Crowfoot-Clark, who served as the President of Old Sun Community College until her passing in 2019. Ms. Crowfoot-Clark had a long and distinguished career as the Old Sun Community College President, and her legacy is etched in the many Indigenous Programs that are currently being offered by our college. I am well aware that I have “big shoes to fill” in following the late Amelia Crowfoot-Clark.

Old Sun Community College has an important responsibility to enhance the sovereignty and Nationhood of Siksika, which is part of the Blackfoot Confederacy of Siksikaitsitapi. With an open heart and open mind, Old Sun Community College respects diversity and diverse ways of life, even as it promotes the lifelong learning of Siksika culture, language, history, and knowledge of our future generations.

Our Old Sun Community College values are: Spiritual tradition, Integrity, Kindness, Strength, Innovation, Knowledge, Accountability, Wellness and Achievement. As a community, we assume control of the formal learning of the members of the Siksika Nation and support individual initiatives to achieve their potential for the benefit of the Nation.

Chief Old Sun has been associated with the formal learning on the Blackfoot Reserve for generations. Chief Old Sun’s Blackfoot name was literally, “Sun Elder” or “Sun Old Man”. Chief Old Sun was a humble and kind man who let Chief Crowfoot take the role of spokesperson for the Blackfoot Nation. However, Old Sun was just as important in taking a leadership role during the signing of Treaty 7, this treaty is found. We are very proud that our school is named after “Chief Old Sun”.

I am a member of the Blood Tribe or Kainaiwa Nation that is also a member of Siksikaititapi and I have four children and one grandchild. I am the son of the late Wallace Manyfingers Sr. and the late Dr. Helen Manyfingers (Order of Canada – 2000). I am honored to serve as the new President of Old Sun Community College and I look forward to meeting all of members of the Siksika Nation and our partners and friends.


Dr. Maurice Manyfingers, Ph.D.

Apowoo’ta’ani (Weasel Shield)