Siksika Knowledge Program: SIKSIKAI’TSII’POWAHSIN Siksika language courses

Siksikai’tsii’powahsin 1 SL 200 – (AU, MRU, St Mary’s U and U of C)

Introduction to Siksika Language
Credit Hours: 3.0

This course will present an introduction of the Siksika sound system and the orthography adopted by the Blackfoot speaking Nations to standardize the writing system. There will be an introduction to basic grammatical structures. The course will emphasize conversational skills and vocabulary development and the inseparable link between language and Siksika life (history, traditions and ways of knowing). The course will begin with a dialogue on the status of the Siksika language according to research findings and the importance of language revitalization.

Pre-Requisite: None

Siksikai’tsii’powahsin 2 SL 204 – (AU, MRU, St Mary’s U and U of C)

Conversational Siksika
Credit Hours: 3.0

This course will reinforce the use of the orthography adopted by the Blackfoot speaking Nations to standardize the writing system. Grammatical structures and verbal categories will also be presented. The course will continue to emphasize conversational skills and vocabulary development presented through themes and Siksika experiences.

Prerequisite: Siksikai’tsii’powahsin SL 200 or equivalent.

Siksikai’tsii’powahsin SL 220

Introduction to use of Language Tools for Language Preservation
Credit hours: 3.0

This course is an introduction to the use of technology to develop language modules. While the ability to speak the Siksika language will be an asset, anyone is eligible to take the course because students will be recording speakers of the language. The focus will be on acquiring the technical expertise to facilitate the development of teaching materials.

Prerequisites: Knowledge about computers will be an asset.

Aikaitapiitsini’ksin, Siksikai’tsii’powahsin SL 260

Telling of Old Stories
Credit Hours 3.0

The main mode of communication amongst the Siksika was mostly through oral means, thus lessons were learned from iitsini’ksin (story telling). Our Siksika Way of Life, values and code of ethics that guide our Life are embedded in the stories.
At least one night a week a story telling session will be held to provide an opportunity for those who want to learn our beautiful Siksika Language to hear it. Furthermore, it will provide an opportunity for our speakers to share their important knowledge and to revitalize their own Siksika speaking abilities. Participants will hear about our origins, our history and even humorous events. This will be a safe and comfortable immersion atmosphere for Siksika people to hear and ask questions about the language.

Siksikai’tsii’powahsin SL 300

A Study of Successful Language Immersion Approaches (1)
Credit Hours 3.0

This course will review the basic structures of Siksika such as: the use of the orthography adopted by the Blackfoot speaking nations to standardize the writing system; and build on grammatical structures and verbal categories introduced in SL 200 and SL 204. The focus of this course is to learn about and practice the strategies used in successful indigenous language immersion programs. The course will focus on two case studies of successful immersion programs. Students will apply what they learned from these programs and plan mini lessons incorporating the strategies used. Students will demonstrate the strategies in an immersion setting.

Prerequisite: Siksikaitsiipowahsin SL 200 and/or SL 204

Siksikai’tsii’powahsin SL 304

A Study of Successful Language Immersion Approaches (2)
Credit Hours: 3.0

Presentations by Successful Practitioners in Indigenous Language Immersion. A review of successful strategies and initiatives to involve community , such as language immersion camps, community involvement in development of resources.

Siksikai’tsii’powahsin SL 308

Siksika Grammar

Credit hours: 3.0

The course will introduce more complex grammatical structures such as transitive and intransitive verbs and their paradigms; and possessive noun formations and animate and inanimate nouns. Students will have more opportunities for translation to and from Siksika.

Prerequisites: SL 200 or SL 204

A’pstaksini SL 324

Introduction to Indigenous Sign Language

Credit hours: 3.0

Sign language is universally understood amongst many indigenous peoples. Those who have the skill of using sign language will be used to teach this medium of communication.

Prerequisites: SL 200 or equivalent

Siksikai’tsii’powahsin SL 416

Introduction to Ceremonial Language

Credit hours: 3.0

Under the direction of traditional knowledge keepers and ceremonial members, opportunities will be provided to teach the target language of ceremony for specific societies. As appropriate language tools will be used to record target language to provide independent study for appropriate individuals.

Prerequisites: As determined by Siksika Knowledge Keepers

Siksikaitsiipowahsin SL 312

Adult Language Immersion

Credit hours: 3.0

The aim of this program is to immerse students in the Siksika language five days a week from 9:00 to 4:00. Fluent speakers will be a key resource for the program to give students an opportunity to hear and converse in the language. Language tools, such as archival recordings, will also be used to reinforce the hearing of the language. Different themes will be presented and relate to community events and seasonal cycles.