Siksika Knowledge Program

Program Description: Immerse yourself in the Siksika Knowledge courses and be swept away by the language, history, culture, art, traditions and ways of knowing of the Siksika people in the traditional Blackfoot territory and the changes of the last century and a half.


Siksika Knowledge courses are not your typical history classes. Experience the culture of the day-to-day living of your ancestors, the deep spiritual connection to the land, animals and each other. You will gain an understanding of the Siksika Way of Life and the values and code of ethics that guide that Life.

Imagine what it was like to raise children in the traditional ways of Niistawatsimaani. To gather around the campfire at the end of the day to play games and listen to the stories passed down by the Elders. To fully understand the language of your ancestors. To have ceremonies and understand the government of the people. To understand the transfer ceremony required to dance or use designs and colours in arts and crafts. To ride with the hunters, to acquire the skills to hunt and gather to provide for your family. To understand the societies and be honoured to receive ancient traditional knowledge and carry on the traditions yourself.

Siksika Knowledge courses examine the Blackfoot Treaty, the legacy of Residential Schools, the changes in traditional business practices and much more and the impact those changes brought to individuals, families and community.


In the 1990’s The Nation and Old Sun Community College recognized that the Siksika Way of Life was seeping away from the people and saw the need for a way to educate students. As part of the college’s Vision and Belief Statement, it was only natural that the creation and development of the Siksika Knowledge courses happened on the campus of Old Sun Community College, a former residential school. In 2010 a group of dedicated Elders, knowledge keepers, educators and concerned members of the Siksika Nation were invited to create a program that would pass down the knowledge that our ancestors intended us to know. Since then, 37 courses have been developed to pass on the Siksika traditional way of life. Through the hard work and commitment of this group, 17 courses have been accredited as university transfer courses.


SIKSIKAISKSINIMA’TSTOHKSINI – Siksika Knowledge Courses that transfer to public institutions: Complete list here.

Courses in Development or Being Offered without Transfer Credit: Complete list here.

SIKSIKAI’TSII’POWAHSIN – Siksika language courses: Complete list here.


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Students can apply for the Siksika Nation Post Secondary Student Support Program. Contact Post Secondary Coordinator for more information. Email:


To Apply: Download a copy of the application form, fill it out and send it to the Office of the Registrar by email, fax or in person.


Phone: 403-734-3862 ext. 243 or Toll Free: 1-888-734-3862