Adult Literacy Program

What’s next?

After determining your qualification and selecting a program in Steps 1 and 2, you are ready to apply. Follow the remaining steps below.

Step 3: Admission

To discuss your admission to the Siksika Knowledge Program please contact us:

During the admissions process you may be asked to submit your Band number, high school transcripts or other paper work.When you meet with the Adult Literacy Coordinator, you will be required to do a 45-minute assessment test. This test will determine your enrollment into the Adult Literacy program or enroll into the regular adult high school program. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the information at hand. Staff at Old Sun will assist you with requesting transcripts and filling out forms as needed. Admission is on-going throughout the school year.

Step 4: Funding

Living Allowance

  • Students who are currently receiving regular benefits (Living Allowance) through Siksika Income Support will continue to receive benefits under the Learners Benefits. There is no Living Allowance available through other programs for the Adult Literacy.
Step 5: Cost & Fees

Program Costs

  • There is no charge or fee for courses taught in the OSCC Adult Literacy program. Books and supplies are also included
  • $20.00 monthly bus pass (depending on available space)
Step 6: Proof of Registration

Once you have met with the Coordinator and been accepted to the Adult Literacy program at OSCC you will receive a Proof of Registration letter. This letter will be available at the time of Intake.


Step 7: First Day of School

Congratulations, you’re in! Be sure to bring your Proof of Registration.